October 10, 2011

Are Online Marketing Terms Geek-Speak For Your Tacoma or Seattle business?

Congratulations on having a website, but did you know there is much more you can do with your website right now to help bring in new customers, make current customers happy, grow your Tacoma or Seattle business, and have it do many of the online tasks for you?

I’ve got a few online marketing terms to run by you. If you’ve not used the services of an online consultant before, then these terms might sound like Geek-speak to you…don’t worry – you’re about to get the 2 minute plain english version!

SEO – This stands for search engine optimization. Optimizing your website for the search engines, like Google, means the difference between a trickle of traffic or a lot of traffic.

monetize – Is your website designed to make you money by selling your products and services? Chances are, you haven’t monetized it properly or you’re lacking in the different ways to make money (monetize) your site.

email marketing – This is what you do to actively market your products online; it’s in addition to just showing your website to the world. Collecting email addresses from people means you can send them periodic emails on new products, sales, etc. to bring them back to your site and purchase from you or into your physical place of business.

autoresponder – An autoresponder is the vehicle by which you send your emails. You don’t have to set up time-consuming individual emails and put in each email address. The autoresponder does it all.

shopping carts – If you’re selling product or some services, you need shopping cart software on your site. Not all are the same so pick one that has all the features you need and it will make your life easier.

It seem like it’s a whole different world, but it isn’t. These are just online versions of your actual physical business. We can walk you through this confusing maze as it’s our specialty. You can contact us to talk about your Tacoma or Seattle business needs by calling us or use the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.