October 5, 2011

Increase Sales in Your Tacoma or Seattle business With The Right Shopping Cart and Followup Offers.

Let’s assume you have your Tacoma or Seattle business website all set up and you’re able to take and process online orders for products, services, or appointments. Congratulations!

The next essential step is to suggest other products that are complimentary to the same type of product/service they just bought, or something that compliments their purchase. You know what you have to offer, so why not point this out?

The best time to make an additional sale is during the customer’s buying experience on your site or fairly soon afterwards while they’re still in the buying mindset.

You can suggest further products automatically based on what they’re buying *before* they finish the last steps of their purchase. This is something you do through your nifty online shopping cart. Think about your own online shopping experiences and how the carts suggest items and allow you to go back and add them to your order.

Another way is to borrow an idea from Amazon.com which is very successful – have a spot on each item’s page towards the bottom that says something like “If you like this item you might also be interested in these items…” And list similar items on the page.

You can also collect customer’s email address so you can suggest additional items over an extended period of time after they originally purchased. This is an easy way to market to customers who are really pleased with your products and would like to be kept informed.

Emailing your customers down the road means you can offer extra service packs, coaching, additional services, another item in the collection, a similar product with added value, or a similar “lite” product. These are your backend products and can greatly increase your sales per customer.

Consider setting up a backend email autorespondeer system where the emails will go out automatically after a sale at intervals you’ve predetermined. This is proactive marketing at its best for your Tacoma or Seattle Business!