Can An Internet Expert Help Your Tacoma or Seattle Business? Really?

Internet Expert Tacoma - Seattle

Internet Expert Tacoma - Seattle

Internet Expert Tacoma

If you’re like most business owners you are probably wondering if it is actually possible for a local internet expert to get clients, customers and online sales for your Tacoma or Seattle business.

The answer is: YES.  If you find an expert with real world practical experience, a proven record of high search page rankings, and you realize that internet marketing TAKES TIME just like offline marketing. then you should be very successful provided you have reasonable goals (making $1,000,000 in your first month on a budget of $2500 is not reasonable, by the way).

Why would you want an expert with experience in the Tacoma or Seattle business markets? Because someone from Singapore who lifted your name from your website or the phone book does not understand this local market! You need someone who has themself done business in this area for years, and who knows what will work with the customers in the Puget Sound area. This is not Manhattan, but neither is it Bedford Falls. In our area (I say ‘our’ because I live here also) people are technically sophisticated but still respond to simple and honest marketing. In other areas you need a lot of flash and explosions in your ads. Here, people tend to respond to information-based marketing.

Now, this may seem “too good to be true”. Actually, it’s not.  The Internet has been insinuating itself into our society worldwide for over TWENTY YEARS, yet many business owners look at it like it showed up yesterday and parked on their doorstep without permission.

WAKE UP.  I guarantee you that your competition is thinking about this too.  I hate to use this comparison, but it’s like an old western movie ‘showdown’ scene.   The first gunslinger to clear their holster and get off a shot is probably going to survive.

Shouldn’t that be you?  I’m sure your family thinks it should be.

There’s an old saying that “the only free cheese is in the mousetrap” which means that getting positive, productive results will take work, and money.  It’s probably not remotely like anything you’ve done before and please don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can figure it out for yourself.  I have been working in and on the Internet for those twenty years, and I can tell you that the typical highly-motivated, intelligent business owner will get groggy and have their eyes glaze over after about 90 seconds of Tech-Speak from me.  I don’t take it personally: I know thoracic surgeons who can put me to sleep talking about tissue clamps.

What you need – as I said before – is an expert who has experience in ranking various keywords/websites for various businesses, and who themselves have a few pages on the first page of Google for short keywords related to their industry.

Google Page 1 Results For "Mobile Marketing Tacoma"10-2011
Google Page 1 Results For “Mobile Marketing Tacoma”10-2011

Please do not be impressed by someone who has ranked for the term ‘red-haired left-handed libertarian soccer coach from alabama who likes puppies’.  DO be impressed for someone that ranks for ‘mobile marketing YOUR TOWN’.  (That would be me, folks.)

 <== Four 1st page results for ‘mobile marketing tacoma’

You need to understand basic marketing strategy to help your consultant create your solid  plan for ranking your business on Google.  Start small (get one result on the first page) and know that it will take 60-120 days unless luck and skill combine to make it happen earlier.

Typically, you will want to create what’s called a sales or marketing ‘funnel’ which consists of an item of value given away through a capture page or opt-in email marketing system.  With those basics you can start to build a list of willing subscribers who are hungry for information about your business or services.

Ideally you would write (or have your Tacoma or Seattle internet expert write) report or whitepaper which has information important to your customers, but which they probably don’t know.  A review of various products or services is ideal. You want to give away freely valuable information relevant to your customer so that your clients and customers happily sign up to your mailing list and look forward to  receiving it.   You can email to that list occaionally – about as often as you’d like to be emailed to – with more information.  Don’t sell, sell, sell.  Instead, inform, inform, inform.

Your next step is to have your internet expert scale up those efforts into parallel tracks: mobile website with a sales funnel, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, are some of the most popular and generally result in decent ROI.

And please understand that this is not something that you can learn from a post like this, or that your uncle Fred or brother-in-law who once built a website in 1997 can do.  You need expert help to do this, just as you need expert help to handle your taxes and bookkeeping for your business.

Finally, let me answer the original question – can an internet expert really help your Tacoma or Seattle business – with a question:  How will your Tacoma or Seattle business survive without the help of a competent, skilled internet expert when your competition hires them before you do?  Seriously, please give that some thought.

Internet Expert Tacoma

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