Easy Ways to Create a Facebook Timeline Image For Your Tacoma or Seattle Business

Facebook Timeline may have thrown some people off, including Tacoma or Seattle business owners . . . but people always seem to be slow to accept things that are new and unfamiliar.  The truth is that Facebook’s new Timeline format has some awesome features that can really broaden our horizons when it comes to how we communicate with others in our social media network.  One great Timeline feature that is a clear improvement over the previous Facebook format is the cover photo.  The cover is a huge, banner-style space over the top of your Facebook Timeline where you can put any art, photo, or other image you want.  This can have especially exciting implications when it comes to business marketing.  Your Timeline cover is the first thing people will notice when they visit your page, and you are only limited in what you do with it by your imagination.  Need some ideas?  Here are easy ways to create a Facebook Timeline image:

Photos.  Perhaps the easiest way to create your Timeline cover image is to choose a favorite photo.  Panoramic photos work the best, but you can crop any photo to make it the right shape and size.  Just make sure the end product is 851 X 315 pixels and the highest quality possible.  You may even opt to create a photo collage using photo editing software, which you can then easily upload to your cover using Facebook’s easy to use platform.  Remember that you also have a smaller inset where you can insert a photo, so you can get really creative here and choose two complimentary images, or even two photos that seem to interact with each other.

Premade designs.  There are numerous resources where you can find a multitude of creative, eye catching cover art designs.  Try myprofilecover.com and coverphotofinder.com, for starters.  Or, handy apps like SiteCanvas allow you to choose from a variety of pre-made templates, plug your personal pictures in, and create a one-of-a kind cover.

Your logo.  Use your Timeline cover like a billboard and keep it simple by using your logo and nothing else.  Or, you may opt to adorn your logo with related photos, using your photo editing software.  Get creative here, and put your logo and your Timeline to their best use.

As you can see, creating a dynamic Timeline image does not have to be a difficult task.  Use these suggestions to create a Timeline cover that works best for your Tacoma or Seattle business.  If you need help getting the most out of your Timeline, contact us today.

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