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OK, you’re a business owner with a storefront or office.  You have customers (although you may not know how many) that do business with you now.  How do you know if you ‘need’ a website, email, a mobile website, a Google Places page, a Facebook page and/or ads, a Twitter account, your own book published on Amazon, or any of the other curent methods that large companies spend tens of thousands of dollars a month to implement??

Ask youself these important business questions:

  1. Do you have a ‘Yellow Page’ or similar ad, contracted on a yearly basis?
  2. Do you ever advertise in the local daily paper, weekly paper, or ad circular?
  3. Do you do mailings to your current customers?
  4. Do you ever run promotions in your local community to gain new customers?
  5. Do you have a tracking system to determine who sees your Yellow Page ad, your newspaper ad, etc.?
  6. Do you advertise special sales at certain times of the year and/or special occasions?
  7. Do you have an easy, automatic system new clients can use to give you their information?
  8. Do you keep client information updated on an ongoing basis?
  9. Do you regularly contact you clients with updates about sales, special inventory, etc.?
  10. Can you contact your entire client base by writing one letter? Or sending one TEXT message?
  11. Can people contact you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and get an immediate answer?
  12. Can people instantly find you on a map system available 24/7/365?
  13. Do you ever have someone ask, ‘what’s on your website this month’ and you have nothing to say?
  14. How often do you check your business email for orders, questions, etc.
  15. Do you have an automatic help desk so (most) customer questions can be answered 24/7/365?
  16. Have you ever wondered how your competition is doing compared to you?

You probably answered YES to some of these questions, but NO to most of them if you’re like 95% of the small businesses in America.

But, you need to answer YES to ALL of them if you expect to keep up with the big-box stores and online retailers that are spending literally millions of dollars a day to grab your customers from you and keep them from ever walking through your door!

Main Street Marketing LLC specializes in helping businesses with a ‘real’ store or office location to quickly and cost-effectively answer YES to ALL of the above questions and offer services to local customers that formerly only a big-box store or online retailer could offer.

Most of your potential customers will research a purchase – from large-ticket items to hobby interests – on the Internet before making a buying decision.  If you are not ‘there’, a buyer will never find you to visit your ‘here’.

Additionally, Internet-based marketing can massively and cost-effectively expand a bricks-and-mortar business’s efforts to acquire new customers and sell to an existing customer base.

It is not effective for a small business owner to spend 12-18 months learning how to put their business online, when it can be done in 30 days for less than the cost of a ONE-TIME small display ad in the local newspaper.

Okay, that’s great…but what is it going to cost?

Our basic business package for getting your business a solid web presence (notice I didn’t say ‘website’) starts at $995.

That startup package includes:

  • Consultation with business owner for objective of campaign (more customers, first-page rankings on Google, etc.)
  • Design of 5 page website OR mobile website OR Facebook fan page
  • Registration of domain name, installation of website on domain/Facebook account
  • Discounted hosting of domain and website for 1 year
  • Listing business with local/regional/national business directories
  • Proprietary optimization techniques for our clients only, to help your Google rankings
  • 3 months maintenance of website – monthly subscription required thereafter

Let us know when and where you’d like to meet.  We’d suggest a meeting at your business during business hours.

To schedule the meeting, please use the form at right to CONTACT US ==>


Jonathan Phillips

Marketing Director,
Main Street Marketing LLC

PS. Have you heard that certain communities are have banned the Yellow Pages books, because of the tremendous amount of recycling, etc. that they create?!  This is no joke or urban myth.  Google it.

Internet Marketing Tacoma | Seattle