Google Plus 1, Chrome, and What They Can Do For Your Tacoma or Seattle Business

Google Plus 1 And Tacoma or Seattle Businesses

Many Tacoma or Seattle business users chose Google Chrome over MS Internet Explorer due to its superior connection speed and simplicity. Google Chrome is a visually attractive application that is both elegant and stylish. You have the option of taking the browsing phenomenon with you as it can be packaged as a portable app. Many users fell in love with Google chrome, and I am certain that many more users will fall in love with Google Chrome Plus.

Google Chrome plus is an updated version of Google Chrome. It has been upgraded to have several characteristics that its predecessor did not have. At the moment, five major additions have been added to Google Chrome Plus. Future upgrades have also been promised to Chome users. But the best news of all? It’s free! Also, unwanted Chrome background communications can also be disabled if I user desires it so!

Its 5 new additional features include:
– A double click tab; that users can use to close pages. If you decide you want to exit a tab, you just double click on that certain tab to close it.
– Gestures with the mouse
– A “super drag” feature; you now have the option of just dragging a link onto anywhere on the screen and it the link will be viewed on a new tab.
– Users can also view Google Chrome Plus whilst having an internet explorer tab open; you are able to open internet explorer links onto Chrome (the links will have to be compatible though). To do this, click the internet explorer button that is placed towards the end of the location bar.
– Whilst in the context menu, users can download tools support; You now have the option of downloading files situated in your download manager. To download, right click the link that you are interested in and select the download manager.

Pastime users of Google Chrome will be positively delighted with this new upgraded version. Although it is to be noted that Google Chrome is renowned for its simplicity and speed, the addition of several other features will definition add to the consumption that is needed to run this application. However, I highly doubt that this will affect most users. Google Chrome Plus still retains its previous features, and the additions of these applications are interesting. Current chrome users should definitely give Google Chrome Plus a shot.
If you are interested in downloading Google Chrome Plus, you can find this free application <a href=””> here </a>

But I’m still hesitant about downloading the application…
Just try it out! You have nothing to lose with Google Chrome Plus, and if you are not satisfied with the application you have the option of uninstalling the applications. However, if you do test it out and end up liking the feel for it, then that’s great! You have nothing to lose with using Google Chrome Plus, and I personally recommend just trying it out. I installed this application about a month or two ago, and I love how unique and easy to use it is. I personally love the fact that I can disable ads and pop-ups.

Google Plus 1 And Tacoma Business

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