Google Plus 1 Download – A How-To Guide for Tacoma & Seattle Businesses

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Google’s newest innovation, Google plus, allows Tacoma and Seattle business owners to share and promote their websites, webpages and blogs with this new platform. It allows users to share content to each other that they have liked or enjoyed (similar to that of a like on Facebook). Numerous people have been using this new interface for promoting their blog, web page or website. It’s particularly useful to marketers as every web page that is plus’d will be shown to that user’s Google contacts and friends through their Google’s profile web page.

By using this system,
Below, I have provided the links to where you can download Google Plus icons.

You can download more icons <a href=””> here </a>

You can also download Google plus as a theme if you so desire. You can download it here <a href=””> here</a>

And if you are interested in other ways you can stay updated with Google plus, you can now download the official Google plus app for iPhone’s! Google plus has been growing at an alarming rate and it’s safe to say that its abnormally popular. Mobile users should be happy to know that it’s now available and they can adownload it from iTunes.

Features of the Google Plus iPhone App Include
-Circles; you can create a group to share the web pages you find interesting. Its functions similar to that of Facebook, however it is much easier to use.
-Stream; The updates and posts that you friends make are streamed directly to you.
-Huddle; It’s basically just a chat application that lets you communicate with all your contacts quite quickly.

Why are People downloading Facebook Plus?
People from all over the nation are downloading Facebook plus. And it already seems that various Facebook fans are starting to question this interface. Why? What’s so special about Google plus? Although Google plus is a second hand idea inspired by Facebook; the fact remains that it is a lot less annoying to use. It was designed to be simpler and clearer to that of its counterpart, and surprisingly, it achieved that affect. Everything is simple, but effective from its colour combination to its functioning ability.

One other plus that users seem to enjoy is the lack of bugs and glitches. Facebook is known for losing its data and getting glitch’s constantly. To this point, there have been a lack of glitches, and I assume that it will stay that way if you look at Google’s history. Google plus also ensures that a user’s privacy is protected- unlike Facebook. God knows how many lives have been ruined due to its privacy leaks.  Someone recently reported a person who recently got laid off due to a Facebook incident.

Google Plus is also superior in terms of its platform and interface. To put it simply; that is why people are downloading Google Plus. And you should too, to increase your internet experience. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. However, reflect on all the benefit’s you will achieve by downloading this platform. Now reflect on all the con’s. Now compare the two together. So have you made your decision yet for your Tacoma or Seattle business?

Tacoma Business

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