Google Plus 1 – Exactly What Is It And Why Does Your Tacoma or Seattle Business Need It?

Google Plus 1 And Tacoma Business

Google is launching a brand new innovative project; this project is called Google plus 1 and it will impact your Tacoma or Seattle business. But what is Google plus 1 exactly?
It’s quite simple, really. Google plus 1 allows you to like Google searches. Once you have logged into your Google account, you have to ability to +1 every search you find interesting or useful. By plus 1-ing a result, it’s as if you are marking your own sign of approval. It’s as though you’re proclaiming to others that the website is innovating, interesting, and that others should visit that particular website. The more plus one’s a website has, the more popular it usually is.

So by clicking the plus 1 button;, it’s almost as if your endorsing the project, declaring “hey guys you should check this out, it’s pretty awesome.”

Pressing the plus 1 button will publicly give your sign of appreciation for the website as it will be seen by any person linked to your Google profile page. This includes your friends, family, contacts, and various other people using the internet (who are of course, using google). It will benefit all of these individuals achieve the greatest results they can possibly get whilst at the same time, searching, or being interested in the same things you are seeking.

And you can also benefit from Google’s newest experiment as you can also view what your contacts and friends are plus 1’ing. This will help give credit to a certain website or search result and will help you distinguish the lousy ones from the brilliant ones. Because imagine if an acquaintance you who added plus 1’d a result. You would most likely check it out, wouldn’t you?

Still interested? Then why not sign up! To join this experiment follow the link to Google’s experiment page and click on the button saying “Join this experiment”. You should be able to find it beside Google+1. You are only able to have one experiment participating at once, so be careful and check that you don’t have another experiment running at the same time.

This experiment is expanding rapidly. The system of plus 1-ing functions are similar to liking in Facebook, or perhaps digging in Digg. Google became successful because of its simplicity; and this new innovative design represents just that.
For internet users, it will alter how results will be seen in the future. Take for instance; if you view an article about cats, you have the option of plus 1-ing it. Because of this, if your family and friends want to learn about cats and type that result into Google, the article that you plus 1’d will have a higher chance of ranking in Google’s results.

You’ve now read all about the benefits of joining Google plus one, so go sign up now! To join, find the link that directs you to the Google experimental page. Ctrl+ f and type in “Join this experiment”. Once you have found it, click it. It should be beside Google+ 1’s header.

So what are you waiting for? Grab google plus 1 by the neck and make it work for your Tacoma or Seattle business!

Google Plus 1 And Tacoma Business

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