Introduction to Site Design – Part 1: What the heck is a website anyway?

Website Design Tacoma – Seattle

This is the first in a series of posts that will give basic information to those looking for a way to learn a lot about websites, their design, and how to build to have built a website for your business (or personal) use – without spending a LOT of time, money, or stressing out.

First of all, a website is a series of pages that are ‘served’ up by a computer program called a web server. The pages are literally code, that the web server sends to the viewer’s internet browser program (sometimes called a client).

Examples of web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and most recently Chrome. The same page can appear differntly in different browsers. Your computer hardware will also control how a page displays, depending upon its power, its video RAM, and the drivers that it uses for your particular operating system; Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, or Linux.

You can’t control what your visitors are going to use to view your site. You CAN control what they view, and how it is presented. THis is done by having a place for your website to be located/viewed. This is called ‘website hosting’.

Without getting overly technical, you first need to get space where the files are ‘hosted’ Then you need a name for your website, known as as ‘domain name’. You go to a domain registar and see if what you want your website to be called (the domain). If it is, you can register it as yours. No one actually ‘owns’ a domain. We just register them one year at a time, and keep them as long as we want them. If you were to let your domain expire without renewing, someone else can register it…and someone may actually do that.

In the next in this series, I’ll tell you more about what a domain is and what you need to consider when choosing the name, the host, and the way the website is built.

Website Design Tacoma – Seattle

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