Introduction to Site Design – Part 2: What If You Don’t Know The Difference Between a Domain and a Doughnut?

We’ve covered the basics in Part 2. Now it’s time to learn how to actually get a domain name.

You need 2 things to have a website: a domain name and a web hosting space where the files for the website are located. When someone typesin the domain’s name – such as – the Internet’s domain name servers route that request to where the files are.

Considering that there are hundreds of millions of domain names and sites, it really is a technology miracle that we can load the average website in under 5-10 seconds.

The Domain Name Process:
The important points to consider when registering a domain for your website:

• Use a site like to search for available domain names. This service is called a “domain registrar”. Look for something that says ‘search for a domain name’ or similar.

• Once you find a domain name that suits your needs and that you like, you can purchase the domain using a credit card or Paypal for around $12. When you’ve registered the name, you’ll an email verification that you are now the registrant of the domain name.

• Whatever service you used to purchase the domain will have an administrative panel where you can control the settings of your domain. This is called a ‘control panel’ and is where you’ll set up your email accounts and other features of your domain, such as name servers (which is how the internet finds your domain).

• Each domain has a specific setting for “Name servers”. This is the section that determines the web address of the host that is being used to host the site for this domain.

• You must ensure that the name servers for your domain are set correctly to your chosen host.

• Take some time to learn about the various settings for your domain. For example, you may want to add privacy features that block people from searching you as the owner of the domain. These services cost extra but are often worth the investment.

In the next in this series, you’ll learn about hosting and how to use the hosting with your domain name.

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