Introduction to Site Design – Part 3: Hosting? Where’s the Party?

Now that you have a domain name, you need someplace for it to call home. This is called ‘web hosting’.

You can probably get hosting from the company where you registered your domain (such as, but you can find a company separate from your domain registrar for your web hosting.

Here’s how to setup your hosting on a cpanel based hosting company:

• Once your hosting account is active, you will get an email telling you a number of important facts. Among them are the IP address of your web hosting (which will soon be holding your domain’s files) and your hosting’s NAME SERVERS. You would be smart to make a printout of that email so that you never lose this information. ITtis that important.

• Make a note of the name servers for your host. It should look something like & There will always be 2 nameservers that look like that, and you may have as many as 6.

• If you did not register your domain with the same company your purchased hosting, you can add your new domain by logging into your domain registrar and looking for a ‘DOMAIN NAME SERVERS’ link in the registrar’s settings. Carefully type in the nameservers from your hosting company. Use all the ones they give you (from 2 to 6).

• When that is done, you’re basically read to FINALLY start building your website!

In the next section, we’re going to cover how to build a website with power, elegance, and SEO features…in 5 minutes!!

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