Introduction to Site Design – Part 5: Or, Fun With Your New Head

In the previous post, we saw how to install WordPress in 5 mintues. Before we start tweaking it into the best website possible for your Tacoma or Seattle business, here are some fast facts about WordPress:

• Anyone can learn to use WordPress and it is the perfect platform to help the business owner create a site that is easy to self manage and reduce overall design cost.

• It reduces the frustration caused by more complex web platforms and it makes it more compatible and fun to use for the business owner.

• WordPress makes it easy for the business owner to leverage technology to spread the word about their company using cost effective tools.

• It makes it easy for business owners to showcase their talent through written and spoken media.

• WordPress promotes dynamically changing websites that are updated frequently causing visitors to want to return in the future.

• It opens the doors for ANY business owner to a have a website available to a global audience.

The ‘control panel’ of WordPress is called the Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you land when you login. Along the lefthand side are the various control areas of WordPress, each of which has a tab. This is where you create content (Posts and Pages), control the way your site looks and operates (Appearance), what it can do other than display text (Plugins), and various utilities (also Plugins). Then there is one tab called Settings which is…general settings for the site and the theme.

Here are the essential facts you need to know when building a high quality website using the WordPress platform:

• WordPress uses the big 5 to build your website: A domain, A hosting account, WordPress installed, A WordPress theme, Coaching or guidance to get started fast.

HEY! By now you realize that you’ve got all of those.

• The theme of a WordPress site is the overall structure and layout of the site (the design). You can choose from free or paid themes. Themes are installed under the APPEARANCE tab on the left-hand side.

• WordPress sites provide a navigation bar making it easy to move from page to page. Your theme determines where the navigation bar is.

• You can add graphics or customized summary images that connect graphic images to your live content.

• There are different sidebar options (depending on the theme) where you can have a sidebar that promotes different parts of your site or acts as a place holder for marketing or advertising.

• Your home page or blog page (your option) will be an ever changing list of dynamic content. As you create new content, the page is updated like a news website with the most recent content at the top.

• WordPress allows you to organize and arrange content cleanly using widgets (in Appearance) and WordPress layout features.

Thsi has been a LONG lesson, so I’ll end here. Next, we’ll go into how to upload a Theme and Plugins.

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