Introduction to Web Design – Part 6: Taking Your New Website Out For a Test Drive

All right, now I’m going to be very honest and tell you one of the big problems with having a brand-new, easy-to-use, powerful website builder.

It’s that you have a 500 horsepower hotrod…and you don’t yet know how to drive.

So, the following list covers the basic functions of a WordPress based website:

• In the old days, website maintenance was cumbersome. You would have to use html editing programs like Dreamweaver to customize your site and then upload the pages using FTP software. With
Wordpress, you learn simple tools and make all of the changes live online. This is done through the WordPress Dashboard.

Creating content for your website is no more difficult than using a word processor. In fact, WordPress comes with a built-in word processor. It’s not as powerful as the one you’re probably using for business docs, but you don’t need a ton of features for your website’s content.

• To create a new page on your site, there is a Pages tab in the WordPress dashboard. You simply click Add New to build and publish a new page on your site.

• To create a new blog post, it is pretty much the same process. You go to the Posts Tab in your dashboard and click Add New again and follow the same process.

• Adding pictures, media or files to your site is also very simple. Under the Media Tab in the dashboard, click Add New and follow the wizard to upload files from your computer. They become part of
your Media Library for your website.

• Embedding video on your site is no longer hard or hard to understand. Using Youtube as the example, Youtube provides embed code with each video (find the SHARE button next to the video on Youtube and click it). Simply copy the embed code and paste the code in your page or post and it will be instantly available on your site.

• You can install traffic tracking tools like Google Analytics in your sidebar or in the header/footer of your WordPress website. Those tools will tell you how to do this, step-by-step.

• WordPress automatically creates an RSS feed which is a news feed for your website. As you add new content, the feed is updated. You can publish your feeds on Google at

• You can add Paypal buttons/plugins or buy e-Commerce based themes for selling your stuff online.

• You can use WordPress to create private member sites with either themes or plugins.

• You can integrate your WordPress blog posts with social sites like Facebook very easily using plugins.

Next, we’re going to go into what you’re going to use your website for – presenting content to your customers of your Tacoma or Seattle business.

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