Introduction To Web Design – Part 7: What Do I Say, and How Do I Say It?

One of the first things you’ll want to do is fill your website with INFORMATION. That tells people who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them.

This is called ‘content’. Content in WordPress is done through either posts or pages. There’s a certain amount of controversy about which is better, posts or pages.

Frankly, who cares? Both get your information out there, and both are indexed by Google and other search engines. Thus endeth the debate.

• Every piece of content (ie blog posts and pages) you create becomes a new element that is indexed in search engines like Google. Over time, your site can have hundreds or thousands of index points making it easy to be found by searchers.

• When it comes to creating content, there are several main areas to consider: written content, audio content and video content. WordPress makes it easy to share any of these forms of content.

• How do you come up with fresh content on a regular basis? There are 3 main ways to consider:
o Your products/services and your experiences
o Other people’s stories and experiences
o Reactions and responses to the first two

• For creating content from your products/services, think about the following things. What can you teach? What are questions you get asked over and over again? What do you want to “show off” (i.e. your talents and strengths). Do you have strong opinions on a topic? Do you have war stories or lessons learned from your business?

• For creating content using other people’s input, think about the following: Can you interview someone in your industry using audio, video or written styles? Do you know people who could be guest authors on your site? Can you make a collection of powerful information from other publishers and summarize it on your site into a single post? Do you work with suppliers who have tons of information they will let you use on your website?

• For creating content based on your reactions to certain events, think about the following things. You can respond to another article or news story that you saw. You can do a review of a product or company. You can get involved in social media sites and find trending topics to blog about.

Once you get used to sharing your ideas and information online, it will become as easy as sending an email.

Now that you’ve got a website that’s filling with interesting information, let’s get it FOUND by the search engines. That’s our next topic.

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