The Google Plus 1 Button – Where Is It On Your Tacoma or Seattle Website?

Google Plus 1 And Tacoma or Seattle Businesses

Google has once again come up with another brilliant idea for Tacoma or Seattle businesses; Google plus 1. Google plus 1 is Google’s latest experimental project. Google plus 1 basically integrates a button similar to that of the Facebook like button. Every time you click that particular button, it’s implied that you think that web page is “pretty cool” and it’s “worth checking out”. Once you click that button, you are signifying your appreciation, and it is seen worldwide by your Google contacts, friends, and various other people who happen to stumble upon the website. You see, that button wields a certain kind of power as the more times it is plus 1’d, the higher that web page will rank on Google’s directory. This system helps others from around the globe find the quality content they need more easily and quickly.

How is the plus 1 button useful?
Well, there is an abundance of information found on the web, and the most frustrating thing is surfing through web pages, trying to find a web page that has relevant, non-crap, content. It’s almost hell trying to differentiate the good content from the lousy ones. But with Google plus 1, this all changes as every time we plus 1 something, we are supplying Google with information to help filter its own content.  Google gathers this data supplied by the plus 1 button, and integrates it into the Google search engine. The number of plus 1’s a web page amasses, the more popular it will be and the higher it will rank. As the plus 1 data is collected and merged into Google’s system, Google’s quality should improve and this will make it easier for us to browse and find relevant information!

Where can I find the plus 1 button?
You can find this button when you search on Google’s listing and when you browse different web pages on Google. When you search on Google you will be able to spot a plus one button beside each individual result. If you click this button, you can recommend web pages that you have found informative or useful to other users. You also have the option of adding the button to your own web page or website if you provide content. Once added, it allows other users to plus 1 your webpage if they so desire to.

How can I add the plus 1 button?
If you want to add the plus 1 button to your website or webpage, you must already have a Google account. If you do not have one, but wish to use Google plus 1, go ahead and register now by clicking on the following link:

Then proceed to click this <a href=”” link. </a> and viola! The button has been added.

What do I do now?
Well, just wait for the results. This button won’t guarantee you instant traffic- however it does guarantee you gradual traffic that will benefit you in the long run. I have already installed this particular button to one of my websites and hits have been up 30-50% with only a few plus 1’s. It may seem a bit of a hassle, and you may be wondering; but how can I compete with all the other websites that have dozens of plus 1’s? The thing is, yes, it may be hard. But doing nothing will not help you.

Doing nothing will only keep your Tacoma or Seattle business website at the bottom of the search results.

Google Plus 1 And Tacoma Business

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