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If a slow learner is unable to learn new tasks and responsibilities that are critical to his job functions, look for another, more appropriate position for him in the company. Leaving a slow learner in a job where he is unable to perform can negatively impact the productivity . How to Help Slow Learners in the Mainstream Classroom. As a parent, there isn't a thing much more heartbreaking than watching your child struggle in school. If your child is a slow learner, chances are he has a learning disability and needs a bit of help to survive in the mainstream classroom.

Apr 26, 2013 · How To Motivate Adult Learners. Adults, unlike children, teenagers and students, in most cases, have a lot of things on their minds and your eLearning course is probably the last one of them. In addition, your adult learners don't see the rewards of their efforts as soon as they would expect, and giving them candy doesn't work as it works with children.Author: Christopher Pappas. ERIC Identifier: ED414434 Publication Date: 1998-00-00 Author: Kerka, Sandra Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult Career and Vocational Education Columbus OH. Adults with Learning Disabilities. ERIC Digest No. 189. In the 1990s, more attention has been focused on adults with learning disabilities (LD) as a result of increased advocacy and research, several major federal laws, and Author: Sandra Kerka.

A “slow learner” is not a diagnostic category, it is a term people use to describe a student who has the ability to learn necessary academic skills, but at rate and depth below average same age peers. In order to grasp new concepts, a slow learner needs more time, more repetition, and often more resources from teachers to be successful. Being a slow Learner is a life long problem. A Slow Learner is a child whose IQ is low enough to cause considerable difficulty in keeping up in the classroom. An average IQ is 100. Slow learners score between 70 and 90 on IQ tests. Less than 70 is considered Mentally .

Slow Learning is an idea. In short, Slow Learning promotes deep learning crosses genres, disciplines is grounded in the interests of the learner champions the pleasures of learning promotes inquiry and dialogue lasts a lifetime allows for authentic learning seeks unmediated experiences supports, and is supported by learning in community Sound familiar?