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Live In Fitness is a weight loss retreat founded on science and results. The science ensures that you are getting the results you want – but it’s our village of caring health, nutrition, and fitness experts that make your stay rewarding by pushing you toward your individual goals. It will take hard work, so you must understand we are not a spa. The difference between us and other weight loss camps is obvious! 22 years of being in business, What really sets us apart is how scientific our program is. Our live-in weight loss program is a school, an “Academy of Learning” where you learn the tools necessary for Nutrition and Behavioral Health.

Attending our weight loss camp is not a “quick-fix,” instead, it is an effective and powerful tool designed to change the course of your health and wellness. We will not put you on a starvation diet (so you gain it all back when you go home) or ask you to purchase a never ending supply of ANYTHING. Check out these weight loss camps for adults to learn how they may offer more benefits than more expensive programs. Vetting the Claims of Cheap Weight Loss Camps. The difference between expensive and cheap weight loss camps can be tens of thousands of dollars a month.Author: Marisa Cantrell.

Weight loss retreats have become a popular way to lose weight and get healthy, all while staying in luxury accommodations and getting personalized care. Northern California, with its healthy lifestyle mindset, is the perfect place to learn about nutrition, meditate, exercise and relax in beautiful rolling hills, hot springs and valley vineyards. Although most weight-loss camps in the United States cater exclusively to children and teenagers, California is home to a handful of weight-loss camps geared toward adults. These California weight-loss camps will help you eat healthier, stay active and start shedding unwanted pounds.

2 reviews of Live In Residential Weight Loss Camp "LV live in weightloss camp is the real deal. If you want or need to make a life change, this experience will do it, guaranteed. There is no chance for failure, because Debra is a compassionate, 4.5/5(2). With obesity statistics on the rise, weight loss camps are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who want to achieve extreme weight loss. Sometimes, a traditional diet and exercise program doesn’t work and more extreme methods become necessary. Finding the best weight loss camps can be difficult. The Best Weight Loss Camps for Adults in the USAuthor: Marisa Cantrell.