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In Canada, this is known as theft under $5000, and it is generally regarded as a “less serious” offence, compared to larger scale crimes, such as the theft of cars, or more comprehensive forms of business fraud. Theft over $5000 is considered a criminal offence and is treated as such, with up to 10 years of incarceration as a possible. Theft Under $5000 charges in Canada Theft under $5000 is a criminal offence under Section 334(b) of the Criminal Code that is frequently associated with retail theft and shoplifting charges. About 50,000 people are charged with theft under 5000 in Canada each year.

Aug 18, 2017 · The Difference Between Theft Under $5000 And Theft Over $5000. In Canada, theft charges fall into two categories: theft over $5000.00 and theft under $5000.00. Theft over $5000.00 is the more serious of the two charges and it is a straight indictable offence for which you can face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.5/5(159). ↑R v Fulcher, 2007 ABCA 381 at para 30 ("[A]bsent truly exceptional circumstances, the sentencing goals of deterrence and denunciation demand a sentence of imprisonment rather than the imposition of a conditional sentence for crimes of embezzlement or theft by an employee.")Crown Election: Hybrid (Under), Indictable (Over).

Sep 14, 2011 · I was recently charged with theft under $5000 in Ontario ($50 in total was taken and recovered by the store). I have spoken to few lawyers and all have said you should be granted Diversion since I had no previous record and a simple process but still concerns me. The punishments and conquences to being charged with theft under 5000 (shoplifting) in Canada. How shoplifting charges can lead to a criminal record even for first time offenders in Toronto. Information on theft under charges and problems from the police, cpic, and other criminal records and employment checks resulting therefrom.

Oct 16, 2009 · Theft charges are either classified as Theft Under $5000 or Theft Over $5000, depending on the value of the amount alleged to have been stolen. It is considered a “property offence” and it is not uncommon for an accused person to have multiple counts of theft alleged if the conduct accused of took place over a certain period of time.Author: Toronto Criminal Lawyer Norm Stanford. Theft Under $5000 - Age 15 [ 3 Answers ] I have no idea if I have a criminal record or not. I was caught stealing and I recall the security guy saying I was being charged with Theft Under $5000.00 But I wasn't give a court date, no fingerprints taken, and it has been a week since the incident and I .