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I've found TexPoint invaluable. It makes it a breeze to rapidly write and revise technical presentations. A+ for usability and attractive results. William Whyte, CTO, NTRU Cryptosystems. I have been using TexPoint for years and it makes my life much easier. David Salzberg, Univ California, Los Angeles. TeXPoint is a package that allows you to typeset LaTeX equations in Microsoft PowerPoint. In order to use TeXPoint on your computer, you will need several software packages. This page contains brief instructions on how to install TeXPoint on your PC. For detailed instructions and further information, please consult the TeXPoint homepage at Berkeley.

TexPoint: Full integration with Powerpoint and Word, in several languages -Write simple Latex directly on slides -Use any Latex symbol -Produce high resolution images from arbitrary Latex source -Latex images keep their source, for later editing.1/5(1). If you have an earlier version of Office (again, check the forums for the last compatible version), Texpoint is great in Powerpoint (at least that was my experience). However if you are using current versions of Windows OS (at least 7) and Office (2013), exporting documents from LibreOffice+Texmaths to Word or Powerpoint at least provides a similar functionality, although the eqs themselves will appear only as .

IguanaTex is a PowerPoint add-in which allows you to insert LaTeX equations into your PowerPoint presentation. It is distributed completely for free, along with its source code. It is distributed completely for free, along with its source code. Oct 07, 2004 · PowerPoint, TeXpoint, and Bill Gates Aurora is a new commercial LaTeX system for MS Office Update: a newer system to write equations in PowerPoint is called TeX4PPT.

IguanaTeX is "A Free LaTex Add-In for PowerPoint" similar to TeX4ppt (or TeX4ppt with enhancements) or TeXpoint. share | improve this answer edited Jul 17 at 11:43. The code assumes that you have LaTeX installed and that the "pdflatex" command can be found by the system. To confirm this, you can open a command window and type pdflatex. Note 1: When upgrading to v1.34 or later, you may notice that some displays (typically larger ones) created with versions up to v1.33 change size when editing them.