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Folliculitis is common in the public area, on the vagina or penis, in the groin area, and on the labia. Folliculitis is an infected hair and can even be pubic hair with folliculitis. Below are pictures of folliculitis. Do you think you might have this condition? Ask a dermatologist. Folliculitis can cause clusters of red, pimple-like bumps on your skin. Learn what causes it, what it looks like, how you can treat it at home, and when to see your doctor.

Hey man Im having the exact same thing happen to my penis and Im freaking out. Everything you described seems on point with mine except Im already taking doxycline for acne before the bumps popped up. I was wondering if this problem was ever resolved. My first doctor said it was folliculitus but I. folliculitis on penis? stb43. For the past five months, i have had small bumps on the shaft of my penis which i believe is sebaceous prominice. In addition, in and around the bumps i have had little red bumps that look like acne or folliculitis. They are scaring me and i truly don't know how to get them to go away.

Folliculitis on penile shaft. Premium Questions. Suggest treatment for itchy bumps on penis when suffering from folliculitis. MD. Hi, i am 38 y.o. Asian, male. I developed a handful folliculitis, about ten, in my pubic area towards the shaft of my penis, it started 2 months ago. I . Mar 09, 2011 · Folliculitis – Pictures, Types, Symptoms, Causes and Contagiousness. Folliculitis – Pictures, Types, Symptoms, Causes and Contagiousness. Shavit Gavish March 9, 2011 Skin, Hair and Nails. Are you having small red itchy bumps and rashes on your skin? You may have been affected by a condition called Folliculitis. Folliculitis on penis is Author: Shavit Gavish.

Folliculitis is the infection and inflammation of one or more hair follicles.The condition may occur anywhere on the skin except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The rash may appear as pimples that come to white tips on the face, chest, back, arms, legs, buttocks, or head.Specialty: Dermatology.