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Low Profile Air Strippers. The NEEP ShallowTray®, invented in 1988, was the first low profile air stripper offered to the marketplace. Since then, over 4,000 units have been installed worldwide. The ShallowTray is capable of stripping many different volatile organic contaminants. Over 10,000 analytical tests have been performed on the. Carbonair’s patented STAT Low Profile Air Strippers are ideally suited for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water in a variety of applications including municipal drinking water treatment, groundwater remediation and industrial process and waste water treatment. Air stripping is a process that introduces air into the contaminated water in order to create an interface between.

ESD TurboTray Low-Profile Air Strippers. ESD Waste2Water,Inc. manufactures a complete line of high performance, low maintenance, removable tray Low Profile Air Strippers with removal efficiencies up to 99.9%. The side access panel allows the trays to be easily removed by one individual without any additional equipment or assistance, saving time and money. The E-Z Stacker ® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Stripper is a low profile air stripper used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from groundwater. The exclusive design of the E-Z Stacker stripper results in VOC removal rates up to 99%. The unique E-Z Stacker configuration consists of a series of integrally-molded shell/tray modules.

10 - 1000 GPM Flow Ranges Available, Contact for Quote PRM Low Profile Air Strippers are an efficient and compact product for treating contaminated water. The water stream flows over a distribution weir and along the horizontal trays. Forced air. HYDRO UIP, INC. REV. 02/2015 NEEP SHALLOWTRAY AIR STRIPPERS 1 The NEEP ShallowTray, invented in 1988, was the first low profile air stripper on the market. Since then, over 4,000 units have been installed worldwide.

Low-Profile Air Strippers - AirRaider™ Series. 3100 Series, with 1 tray. 3300 Series, with 2 trays. 3600 Series, with 3 trays. Product Level Control manufactures a variety of low-profile air strippers; custom-equipped for optimal on-site performance. By offering flexible system designs and a wide range of available product parts and. Carbonair has the largest rental fleet of trailer and skid mounted low profile air strippers available for rent in the industry. Our mobile air stripper units are either trailer mounted or skid mounted and can be used for VOC removal.They come equipped with either diesel or electrically powered blowers, and can accommodate gravity or pump out discharge.